Fresh crop

How exciting – a fresh new delivery of jumpers arrived this morning…..

I never know what to expect, so it’s a bit like unwrapping presents.

There’s a weird and wonderful collection of colours, patterns and styles in there.  I think this one in particular wins the prize for this delivery though…….

Carrots, all over a bright blue jumper.  Well, obviously!!!

Every delivery is like a little treasure haul, there’s soft lambswool, fine merino wool and even a bit of velvety cashmere in this one, and from a real mish mash of different brands; from Barbour to the Sweater Shop (remember them?  I do, the less said, the better…)  It’s also nice to see how many of these garments were made in Scotland and the UK in general.  I wonder how common that is now?

I’m itching to get started on them and see how they all turn out.  Stay tuned to see for yourself.

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