Sunday School

So, yesterday was Art Junky at the Phoenix Gallery in Brighton.

It was busy, the sun shone a bit and it was nice to spend a day in good company (provided by Peter Field, Cloé Gillies and Lauren Watson and Patrick Fitzsimons who was with us in spirit if not in body).  I learned some lessons though…..

1 – bribe the organiser so you get a good pitch, not one shoe-horned into a corner in the outer reaches of the building next to the toilets

2 – put a price label on absolutely everything so no-one has to ask the price – yes I forgot that us Brits hate to ask the price and engage in conversation

3 – have a mirror so people can see how lovely it all looks when they try it on.

I will now hibernate and try to learn these lessons by heart in time for New England House open studios on Thurs and Fri 9th and 10th Dec…….

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