109 year old sewing machine finds a new home with me!

This lovely old lady found her way to me yesterday after being left out on the streets of Brighton.  She’s a beauty, in need of a little TLC but working just fine despite being 109 years old!

Can you imagine today’s machines lasting 109 years?  I’d be surprised if some of them last 9 years.  I love old sewing machines, they’re such beautiful pieces of fine engineering which were built to last.  I can’t bear to see them neglected, abandoned and unloved.  Just as soon as I’ve got this exhibition out of the way I’m going to give her a good old pampering and I’m sure she’ll soon settle in nicely with some other old friends at my place.

The Singer website is excellent – you can actually date your old sewing machine and even find out where it was made (this old lady was made in 1902 in Clydebank, Scotland).  Armed with that knowledge I might name her Morna, which apparently loosely translated from Gaelic means beloved.  That’s what she’ll be again now.  No more pavements for you Morna.

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