Another successful Skirt Making Workshop

I had a lovely group of eager students on Sunday and one sadly stuck in London.

After a really focussed day of hard work………

……..and noises of surprise from the students when they saw how impressive their skirts were turning out, this is what we had:

Pretty impressive aren’t they?  None of these students had made anything from a pattern before, in fact one of them only learned how to use her sewing machine at one of my weekly sewing classes last week!

An a-line skirt really is a great first project for anyone new to sewing.  The shape looks good on almost everyone and it’s a quick garment to make which is easy to get to fit well.  These students are inspired to make more with their new found sewing, zip inserting and faced hemming skills!

Here’s what they thought of the day in their own words:

What did you enjoy most?

“Everything – Wendy is a great teacher.”

“Teacher not in a hurry and allowed me to go at my own speed. Feeling more confident using sewing machine.”

“Class size, learning the ‘proper’ way to put in zips, etc.”

Any other comments?

“Really recommend and a brilliant day out.”  And that from the student who had been given the workshop for her birthday!

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