A morning of inspiration

I had a little mosey round the Biba exhibition at Brighton Museum this morning and was pleasantly surprised.  Biba seems to attract avid die-hard followers, I’ve never thought of myself as anything remotely like that, but just kind of quite liked some of her things.  I realised after this morning that I like quite a lot of them.

She still doesn’t make it into my top 5 designers (Cristobal Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Issey Miyake, Vivienne Westwood,  Paul Smith if you’re interested), but here’s some of my highlights.  (Photography was allowed as long as it was without flash.)

 A beachwear design she produced at 18 for a competition in the Evening Standard. 

I really like what she did with sleeves…………..

….and more sleeves.

Hulanicki started off as a fashion illustrator, here’s a lovely one of Audrey Hepburn.

Biba past and present – the orange frock is original Biba, the grey jacket is a recent collaboration with Topshop.

Personally I looooove these fantastic little jacket and dress combos.  I’m feeling particularly inspired by them as I have a birthday outfit to make for myself next year.  Bring on the glitterballs……!

If you fancy visiting the exhibition it’s on until April next year and even better, if you’re local you can get in for half price if you take along proof of residency.

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