What do you want to read in a Sewing Magazine?

I’m going to be writing another series for Sewing World Magazine when my current one (Finishing Touches) comes to an end.  Before Finishing Touches, I wrote a series on  Customising shop bought garments.

I’ve a few ideas for what I could do next, but I’d like to know dear reader, what you would like to see from a regular series in a monthly sewing magazine?

I’m all ears…….

6 responses to “What do you want to read in a Sewing Magazine?

  1. I would like advice on how to cut out patterns on some of the more “awkward” materials. I made a jacket in crepe recently and the same piece ended up two completely different shapes. And as for chiffon, I couldn’t even recognise what I had cut out. Also I know it is important to encourage new sewers but it is nice to also see more advanced techniques in articles. Though your button hole finishing was brill.


    • Thanks for your suggestion Maria – I think many people can relate to that one!!
      I think I will be doing something a bit beyond beginner level so a useful suggestion.
      Glad you enjoyed the buttonhole article :o)


  2. Hi, I’d always want to read more about fitting..its so hard to get really good advice that also gives you an understanding of how a garment “works”. E.g, only in your class did I really understand in what way sleeve changes affect the look of the garment. Also sth on how you can use your measures to adjust fit on the paper pattern, e.g. I was totally intrigued by Chinelos technique. In the sewing bee lack of fit is pointed out, but there’s not much emphasis on how to adjust it (must say though I haven’t seen the last couple of episodes!!).


    • Hi Jasmin, thanks for your comment! Glad to hear the class helped you so much and fitting seems to emerging as a common request! You’re right, it’s not explained on the Sewing Bee what to do about poor fit. Maybe I could write something on it in a user-friendly way. I’ll put it on the list of “possibles”. Wendy


  3. Following on from GBSB tonight, I’d like to know how to accurately make a copy of a ready made garment. I’m ok with tracing round simple shapes, but don’t know how to work out shape and size of darts, or the sleeve shapes.


    • Hi Gill, that’s a good one and could make a good series. I have lots of students doing this kind of thing in my classes. Thanks! Wendy


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