Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking – Book Launch Party

So, I did a window at MIY Workshop to celebrate the launch of “The Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking”…..

beginners guide to dressmaking window

…..and then the book reached number 2 (briefly number 1!) in Amazon’s chart for Bestselling Dressmaking books and I figured I’d better have a bit of a do to mark the occasion.

Despite terrible weather, lots of lovely folk turned out to help me celebrate.

beginners guide to dressmaking booklaunch

And unbeknown to me, two of my multi-talented students Emma and Croianna had been secretly plotting during classes to make me these:

booklaunch-bookcake booklaunch-scissorcake

Who else can say they have had a cake of their book?! Fabulous aren’t they?! That pin cushion is a stroke of genius! These two are creative whatever they turn their hands to, Croianna is an amazing knitter and spinner as well as dressmaker and Emma is a great dressmaker, does loads of crafting with her kids as well as fantastic decorating projects for her home. Have a look at some of her creating here.

beginners guide to dressmaking shift dresses

Student Diane did me proud by turning up in a gorgeous version of the shift dress from my book that she’s been working on in class and got full marks for finishing off hand sewn invisible hems hours before the party! I’m wearing the sleeveless version with added collar.  Diane’s fabric is from Ditto, mine is from Minerva Crafts. One pattern, two completely different looks!


And finally, of course Gypsydog got in on the act. Helping us clear up the morning after!!

By the way, my book is still number 1 in the Most Wished For Dressmaking books on Amazon, number 2 in Bestselling Dressmaking books and number 3 in the Most Gifted Dressmaking books. Bit of a winner all round, even if I do say so myself!!

4 responses to “Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking – Book Launch Party

  1. Fantastic! Keep lapping up this time of success 🙂


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