Make-It-Yourself March…..In May For Those Who Missed it!!

Do you remember me posting about an Instagram project myself and student Emma (aka Crafty & Cake) were doing a few months ago called MIY March?

Well, in a nutshell it was brilliant! It got such a great response – loads of sewists and dressmakers from around the world joining in and sharing daily pictures of everything from their sewing machines to their best makes ever.  It really was lovely to “meet” so many new like-minded people and to swap ideas and inspire each other.

Now, I realise not all of you lovely loyal readers are on Instagram and for a while I’ve been meaning to do a little summary of the project for you so here we are… May! Oops, sorry about that, but better late than never hey?

miymarch daily list make-it-yourself march

This was the list of daily topics me and Emma came up with and the task was to post a picture each day using the daily topic as inspiration.  I have to say the best bit was then looking at what everyone else had posted, it’s fascinating how different people can interpret a topic in such different ways.

Here are some of my daily posts:

MIY March - my style MIY March - most worn make MIY March - my machine MIY March - my inspiration

At the end of each day, Emma and I took it in turns to choose our favourite 4 images to share with everyone. That task was really difficult as there were always so many great images to choose from!!

Here are a few:

MIY March - fabric stashthe Fabric Stash…..

MIY March - pattern stash…and Pattern Stash days were very revealing! And drew quite a few guilty “confessions”!

MIY March - style iconAnd I loved this surprising group from the “Style Icon” day. Who would have put Alexander McQueen, Claudia Winkleman, Jonny Depp as Jack Sparrow and Lauren Laverne together?!

By the end of 31 days there were soooo many fantastic images uploaded as part of MIY March.  To see them all, search #miymarch on Instagram.  Here are just a few:

MIY March - highlights

The slightly bigger ones in the bottom right corner are some of my overall favourites by (clockwise from green dress:  @kirsten52fancies @winding_bobbin @theuncommonthread @winston_turtle_london).

I really missed MIY March when it had finished. There will definitely be a MIY March 2016.  Anyone for a MIY September in the meantime??!!

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