Liberty in Fashion at The Fashion and Textile Museum


After hearing and reading lots of great reviews, I visited the Liberty exhibition today with my good friend Helen.

First though, did you know that the museum receives zero funding and is totally self supporting? I didn’t and what an amazing job they do there. They have a brilliant programme of classes and the shop is a superb source of fashion and textile books.

So, what about the exhibition? I must admit to not being very knowledgeable about Liberty before visiting. I held the stereotypical image of Liberty in my mind, you know; dainty floral designs, very girly, maybe a bit of arts & crafts influence. But this exhibition did a wonderful job of expanding my knowledge; it presented the history of the brand alongside extensive examples of the diverse work that has been produced under its name and the numerous and often surprising collaborations Liberty has been involved with.

Here are some of my personal highlights:

imageI ADORE this skirt! This was a 70s collaboration with Collier Campbell and blew my mind that it could be Liberty.

imageBeautiful silk kimonos.

imageWhat used to come to mind when I thought of Liberty.

imageStriking 60s designs that I could easily wear today.

image“Romantic” styles from the 70s.

imageAnd a collaboration with Vivienne Westwood.

The fact that all these photos are my own that I took in the exhibition shows the forward thinking approach the museum has; how often do you visit an exhibition only to be told “no photos”? And I wonder how much social media exposure such exhibitions receive in comparison to those where you can take photos? I certainly wouldn’t be writing this blog post if I couldn’t include these pictures so, thank you and good on you FTM!

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