MIY March 16 – Week 3 Round Up!!

Argh what’s happening?! How can week 3 have gone by already?? Well, it has and as we say oop north; it was a good ‘un. Here are our daily top 4’s:

Day 14 – Sew Underrated – love of the humble needle, sewing machine, myriad uses for masking tape and the value of handmade items.MIY March 16 day14

Day 15 – Nailed It – some well and truly perfected techniques did the rounds!MIY March 16 day15

Day 16 – Pockets – it seems every stitcher and dressmaker loves a pocket. I totally get that, just look at these beauties.MIY March 16 day16

Day 17 – Sewing Smalls – covered everything from sewing for small people, sewing pants (knickers for US readers!), a surprising amount of sewing for dolls and some beautiful miniature tools.MIY March 16 day17

Day 18 – Couldn’t Do Without – our third Prizeday Friday was sponsored by the fabulous Ernest Wright & Son scissor makers and one of these lucky people won a pair of beautiful Ernest Wright thread snips.MIY March 16 day18 prizeday friday

Day 19 – Stripes – one of my favourites so I had a hard task on to pick just 4 pictures and tried not to go too obvious; the top left is a refashioned stripey men’s shirt, I love the different directions of the stripes in the bottom left – simple but effective, bottom right – stripes and a dog, well I just had to, didn’t I! And finally, those zips, who ever knew you could get striped zips?? Not me!MIY March 16 day19

Day 20 – Hand Sewn – an appreciation of hand work and lots of confessions that people actually secretly enjoy it. Well, you’re preaching to the converted here MIY Marchers, I love a bit of calming hand sewing.MIY March 16 day20

Inspiring aren’t they? We’re now over the 4500 mark on Instagram! Yes, if you look at the #miymarch16 hashtag, there are (as I write) 4873 pictures posted from sewers, dressmakers and crafters all over the world.

It’s not too late to join in, just follow me @thatwendyward and Emma @dressmakerssocial and this week’s Prizeday Friday (that’s tomorrow folks) is a 3 month subscription to Love Sewing magazine……so come on, get snapping.

Missed week 1 and 2 or only just joined us and no idea what I’m talking about?! Β Find out all about MIY March here and catch up on week 1 here and week 2 here.

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