Sewing With Knits – A Shopping Checklist to Download for Free!


Make sure that from now on, you always buy the best fabric for your pattern. What’s better, as it’s a download, you can print one out every time you start a new project!

To get your copy of the Sewing With Knits Shopping Checklist subscribe to my newsletter and follow the instructions, it will only take a few minutes and will only require your name and email address.

In return you’ll be able to download the checklist and will occasionally receive the MIY Collection newsletter packed with sewing related goodness; news, links to interesting and useful things I’ve found online, subscriber-only special offers and the occasional competition.

What are you waiting for? I imagine you might be shopping for fabric over the easter holidays…..?!

If you’re a fan of online fabric shopping, have you seen my post on Where to Buy Stretch Knit Fabrics?

NOTE – loyal existing subscribers will be getting a copy of the checklist delivered straight to your inbox in the next few days.



6 responses to “Sewing With Knits – A Shopping Checklist to Download for Free!

  1. All i want to know is how to sew on silky knits … and all I here is what books, patterns, etc. are available online. You disappointment me.


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  4. Katie Blackwell

    Hi Wendy

    Hope you’re well?

    re your Sewing with Knits post, I have another supplier recommendation for you that I’ve just found:

    Everything here is organic and she has plenty of knits in various weights, as well as cuff ribbing. Almost too much too choose from.

    Happy Easter! Katie



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