MIY March 16 – argh Week 4 Already

I can’t believe MIY March is almost over. Easter’s been and gone, the clock’s have gone forward and everything. Well fear not I have some plans afoot to keep you busy and entertained (see my last post), but in the meantime, let’s rejoice in week 4’s highlights:

Day 21 – Sewing Buddies – saw everything from people, to pets and radios plus a medieval reminder that getting together to sew is nothing new!MIY March 16 - Day21

Day 22 – It’s New to Me – lots of inspiring new ideas, new techniques, new equipment and new old stuff.MIY March 16 - Day22

Day 23 – Fancy Dress / Cosplay – I don’t think I need say anything here!MIY March 16 - Day23

Day 24 – Sewing With Knits – obviously one of my favourites, coinciding with news about a project I’ve been working on in the background and it turns out loads of you enjoy sewing knits….well who knew?!MIY March 16 - Day24

Day 25 – Sewing Ambition – the 4th Prizeday Friday was sponsored by Love Sewing Magazine and one of these lucky people won a 3 month magazine subscription.MIY March 16 - Day25

Day 26 – Monochrome – it’s not just black and white you know!MIY March 16 - Day26

Day 27 – All In The Detail – I love a subtle but well executed detail and day 27 delivered.MIY March 16 - Day27

If you’re still thinking of joining us for the last few days, follow me @thatwendyward and Emma @dressmakerssocial on Instagram and check out the #miymarch16 hashtag to see all the photos so far. We’re currently on over 5500!! Will we get to 6000 by Thursday??

There’s still also one Prizeday left to go this week on the very last day, this one is from the publishers of my new book – Cicco.

If you missed the highlights of the first 3 weeks, they’re here.

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