My Next Book – Big Reveal!!

So, today was the last day of MIY March and the theme has been “Skirty”, it’s also a bonus prizeday sponsored by my publishers Cico Books.

MIY March 16 - skirts

Here’s my post for today – a collage of some of the behind the scenes peeks at progress on my new book that I’ve been teasing my Instagram followers with over the past couple of months.

None of this is a coincidence, now come on you don’t need to be Poirot to work it out from here, yes, my next book is going to be a bumper book of skirts!! Everything you ever needed to know about making skirts, including pull-out patterns in 10, yes, 10 sizes.

It will be out on October 13th and is already available to pre-order on that old Amazon.

All very exciting, but right now, deadlines for said book are looming and I have instructions to write so TTFN!

3 responses to “My Next Book – Big Reveal!!

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  2. It looks great! I am always looking for books that teach the essentials!


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