MIY March 16 – That’s It For Another Year

After 31 days, 31 topics, 5 prizedays and 5991 photos MIY March is over for another year *sobs*

Here are the highlights of this year’s final week:

Day 28 – TNT – tried ‘n’ tested or tried ‘n’ trueMIY March 16 - Day28

Here’s my TNT – got to be my MIY Collection Fulwood shift dress; one pattern, so many ways!MIY March 16 - My Day29

Day 29 – Gets Me Every Time – interpreted in so many brilliantly different ways from disappearing time to disappearing bobbin thread…..MIY March 16 - Day29

Day 30 – Next Up – a peek at what’s next on everyone’s sewing listsMIY March 16 - Day30

Day 31 – Skirty – the final bonus Prizeday was sponsored by publishers of my next book Cico Books and one of these lucky people won one of Cico’s gorgeous sewing books.MIY March 16 - Day31

Here’s my Skirty post:MIY March 16 - My Day31

The title and sponsor of the final day were a not so subtle clue as to the topic of my next book; A Beginner’s Guide to Making Skirts! More on that in this post.

I’d like to thank everyone who took part in MIY March 16 including Emma for helping me organise it in the first place and all my generous sponsors: Ditto Fabrics, Textile Garden, Ernest Wright & Son, Love Sewing and Cico.

Here’s a collage of all our top 4’s from the month:MIY March 16 - top-picks-collage

Have a look at the #miymarch16 hashtag on Instagram too, it’s inspiring! If you like what you see, why not follow me @thatwendyward and Emma @dressmakerssocial? There will be more shenanigans in the form of #MIYmakers (launching soon and open beyond just Instagram…..) and #dressmakers52.

Same time, same place next year for MIY March 17?!

2 responses to “MIY March 16 – That’s It For Another Year

  1. Definitely same time same place next year! It was fun! Thanks for organizing!


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