Me Made May Week 1


Are you doing Me Made May? It’s my first year and as I’m mainly posting my daily outfits on Instagram I thought it might be nice to do a weekly summary here, along with any profound musings that have come about as a result….!

So, this is my first 8 days worth of postings and the observant will notice that there are only 6 pictures. I had a stinker of a cold for 2 days and spent them mostly in pyjamas. No-one wants to see pictures of me in my pyjamas.

Here is what those garments are from left to right:


  1. denim blocked Fulwood dress
  2. black jersey maxi skirt from Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking and me-knitted cowl using this pattern (my first ever wearable finished knitted item, big proud achievement for me!), ready-to-wear leather jacket and striped top
  3. me-made leggings, oversized t-shirt dress (sample of a new pattern coming later this year) and one of my many Longley cardigans.


  1. grey marl jersey boxy t-shirt made from the Fulwood dress pattern and super comfy trousers in viscose jersey from Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking (a winningly cosy combo that you’ll no doubt see again)
  2. those leggings again, a sleeveless Wisewood dress in denim effect jersey (I love how such a luxuriously glamorous cowl neck dress can be so comfortable) and another Longley cardi
  3. a naughty peak at a wearable skirt toile from my new book (A Beginner’s Guide to Making Skirts) and another boxy t-shirt from the Fulwood pattern, this time in a lovely heavy woven linen.

I’ve found the process of posting a daily photo of my me-made outfit surprisingly revealing. Having never done anything remotely like this before (I’d far rather be behind the camera than in front of it), it’s been fascinating to take an objective look at what I wear and how I wear it.

What stands out to me after this first week is my enduring fondness for: black, grey, blue, comfort, knitted fabrics, denim and stripes! Where’s the colour and the print Wendy?! I think that’s probably just me and I’m old enough to accept it. I’m certainly not about to start wearing head to foot brightly coloured prints as a reaction!

I’m also thinking that I should wear my hair up more often. There’s so much of it, that sometimes when it’s down I can start looking like Cousin Itt. Trouble is I’m useless with hair. I’ve never been much of a girly-girl, I didn’t spend my teens trying out different hair styles and experimenting with make-up. I need a class! If someone in Brighton ran a “5 ways to Style Long Hair” class I’d be there like a shot…..

I’m starting to feel like I’ve entered some sort of wardrobe self analysis of the kind you might be forced to do by an image consultant. I’m not entirely sure that’s the point of Me-Made May, so I may be thinking too deeply about the process. I’m interested to see what week 2 is going to look like though…..clue – it’s already started with denim!!

11 responses to “Me Made May Week 1

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  4. Speaking as a girly girl I have the opposite problem, too much print, flowers , and lacy stuff which I try to offset with very plain basics. I envy your style its very sophisticated. I have long hair, too, curly frkn mess, and really there isn’t a lot you can do I think without becoming a massive pain in the butt. I do lots of elastics and barrettes( which really doesn’t help the school girl look lol.) Your Fulwood dress pattern is nice because it can showcase an awesome fabric without being too fussy with details.


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment! I do like simple and minimal and it’s interesting to see it so clearly in these pics! I’m going to try headbands / Alice bands next I think. I’ve toyed with the idea of a fringe for ages + had one in the past but I’m a bit too lazy when it comes to hair to keep up with the maintenance of a fringe! ! Are you doing mmmay too? Are you enjoying it? The Fulwood dress is definitely a good one for showing off great fabric.


      • I detest all the selfies and I mostly wear memade anyway so I am not following to the letter but documenting here and there on instagram (@nicholaix) and trying to be supportive. I love the effort everyone puts in and without fail I buy 10 new patterns that other people made look good lol.
        I am terrified by next month’s month of sundresses that I think Mellysews does, I will be hiding under a rock until it passes!


      • Ha ha me too (re the selfies ) but I’m finding it a useful way to look objectively at what I wear. Somehow it’s different to just looking in the mirror, not sure how that works!


  5. I’m so inspired by Me Made May! I’m not signed up to take part this year but next year, watch this space! Thanks Wendy for another encouraging post. My tuppence worth is: wear your hair down. The clothes and hair in the bottom right hand photo give you a very sophisticated, glamorous look. Not girly-girly, more womanly. You definitely own that! Love the top, by the way.


  6. That first outfit at the bottom left looks unbelievably comfortable. I’d never thought of just using the top half of a dress pattern before, which makes me feel dumb. Inspiring stuff Wendy! Love!


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