Me Made May Week 2


I had a much better week of documenting my daily wearing of Me Mades this week and am mostly managing to stick to my pledge (hooray, pat on the back for me) and I’m really enjoying it!

My realisation after week 1 that I didn’t wear much colour or many prints hasn’t really altered, that’s obviously just what I like to wear. I obviously subconsciously made an effort though and broke up the grey, black and blue with some stripes! Got to love a good stripe even when they need matching at seams…..

So, here’s what I’m sporting in those pictures from left to right:


  1. Gloriously comfy cuffed version of the trousers from Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking in heavy drapey viscose jersey and t-shirt version of a new pattern coming later this year (see a dress version of it in week 1).
  2. A colour blocked wearable toile in denim effect jersey and grey marl jersey of another new pattern that’s currently in development that will have a lot of versions. The more I work on this pattern, the more ways I come up with to make it. As a designer I love to really fully explore the potential of one pattern rather than constantly churning out new styles. I think this is heavily influenced by my experiences of working in the two extremes of the fashion industry, I wrote a bit about that here.
  3. A good old striped Walkley vest – a versatile wardrobe basic, teamed with an a-line version of the Tapton skirt in a heavy denim effect jersey. This skirt is so comfy and just so flattering, I can’t believe I don’t wear it more. It was nice to give my legs an airing that day too.


  1. A half fail this day – I only managed a me-made long sleeved top and vintage Levi’s dungarees as I spent most of the day climbing around in the MIY Workshop window installing a new exhibition of thread art by Brighton artist Michelle Abbott.
  2. My beloved and well-worn refashioned shirt dress that I made for last year’s The Refashioners and me-made leggings.
  3. A hacked version of the Fulwood dress with lengthened sleeves and the CF and CB pleats moved to the side seams in double stripe viscose jersey, super comfy. And those leggings again.
  4. Finally, that striped Walkey vest again, this time teamed with those super comfy trousers again from Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking. Oh and me-made head/alice band.

I was trying to be a bit more adventurous with my hair too last week and have started making some alice bands and pushed the boat out with a plait. I keep toying with the idea of a fringe, it happens occasionally. I find that if I don’t act on it the idea eventually goes away again! I’ve had one before and I do like them, but I’m just too hair-lazy to keep up with the maintenance they demand.

Anyway, enough about hair, here’s to week 3!

5 responses to “Me Made May Week 2

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  2. Oh, and love the plait!


  3. Hi Wendy, at least when you look at your wardrobe you have a defined style. I was inspired by the 333 Project last autumn and pruned back my winter wardrobe. What a revelation! I now have clothes that go together and look like they’re meant to! Now I’ve just swapped to my summer wardrobe and find it’s a real hotchpotch with random items that don’t seem to go with anything. Lots of summery prints! In fact, I have the opposite problem to you – too much print, not enough plain. Now that’s a good excuse to do some sewing! Incidentally, I don’t have only 33 items in my winter wardrobe now, but I did manage to eliminate lots of tatty, worn-out, unflattering, unsuitable, badly-fitting and just plain ugly clothes that I was hanging on to for no apparent reason! But I still kept a pair of really cute, colourful sandals which I can’t wear for more that half an hour at a time 😉 LOL!


    • Thanks Hilary, I do have quite strong ideas about what I like and what I don’t!! I always have I think, I remember my mum giving up trying to dress me quite early on and refusing to wear most things pink ha ha!! The 333 project sounds like an interesting I haven’t heard of it before. I’ve been meaning to have a spring clean of my wardrobe since last autumn. I’m determined to do it once I’ve finished my book, it’s always so satisfying to do stuff like that isn’t it? Sounds like your winter cull was a success, good luck with your summer one! And hey, we all need the equivalent of a pair or 2 of impractical somethings don’t we.


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