MIY Makers Monthly Challenge Starts Today!

miy makers

I love seeing all the MIY Collection makes that pop up on social media and I’m always impressed by how different they all look even if they’re made using the same pattern.  I see it happen in my classes too.

So, to celebrate this creativity and industriousness I’m starting a monthly MIY Makers challenge, here’s how it will work:

  • share your make using one of my MIY Collection patterns on social media (Instagram / Twitter) using the #miymakers hashtag
  • if you want to join in on Facebook you will need to post your photo direct to the MIY Collection Facebook page and use the #miymakers hashtag in the caption of your photo
  • this is also open to my MIY Workshop students who use my patterns in classes, but you must post your photo, not me!
  • at the end of each month I will choose my favourite make and that person will receive a voucher to get their next MIY Collection pattern for free (UK makers will receive a paper pattern / makers outside the UK will receive a pdf pattern).

Simple as that. So get making and sharing people!!

**NOTE: by taking part and sharing your photo you are allowing me / MIY Collection to re-use your photo in any future promotion. Not a bad thing as your handiwork will end up being shared and admired by many!**

16 responses to “MIY Makers Monthly Challenge Starts Today!

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