Summer Sewing Plans & A Summer Discount


Do you have any summer sewing plans? I love sewing for summer; quick, easy pieces that you just know you’re going to love wearing.

How do you plan your sewing? When I started planning mine recently I thought it would be nice to share some of the process with you – I do line drawings of the patterns I’m planning to make and then colour them in or add fabric swatches, a bit like in the image above.

To help you with your summer sewing plans, here’s a little thank you:

Will you spend just a few minutes to write a review of any products you have bought from MIY Collection in return for 15% off your next order? You can have bought them online, direct from me at MIY Workshop (or have used them at a MIY Workshop class), at a show or from another shop who stocks MIY Collection.

Honestly, it’s really easy – you don’t need to create an account or anything, just go to the product you want to leave a review for on the MIY Collection website then follow these 5 easy steps:


  1. click on “write a review” under the product description and the box will expand
  2. fill in your name
  3. fill in your email address (don’t worry, it won’t appear on the review!)
  4. enter your rating from 1 to 5 stars
  5. write your review then click “submit review”.

That’s it! Your email address won’t be collected by any 3rd parties, it’s just used to submit the review and won’t appear on the website.

Once your review has been submitted, you will receive a single use 15% discount code by email to be used on anything in the shop before 1st August.

Happy planning!

2 responses to “Summer Sewing Plans & A Summer Discount

  1. Hazelnutthread

    Just bought your kelham pattern for my summer sewing – will review when ive had a go!


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