Trailer for Beginner’s Guide to Making Skirts on YouTube

So, this is a a new and strange experience for me! Cico came to MIY Workshop at the end of August to do some filming for my new book “A Beginner’s Guide to Making Skirts”.

We had a fun-filled day and packed A LOT of filming in. It actually surprised me to find that I really enjoyed filming these videos; I’m not a natural-born public speaker, in fact I’ll avoid it if I can which many people find odd and tend to say things like “But you teach, how can you not enjoy public speaking”. I think they’re two completely different things; in public speaking the emphasis is solely on the speaker in a one-way relationship with a role almost as an entertainer, whereas teaching is very much a two-way relationship.

With that in mind I approached this filming as a teacher and rather than being on my own “performing” for the camera, I simply imagined I was teaching a class and talking to students. Hey presto, I was relaxed, calm and didn’t even need a script!!

Watch out for more videos over the next few weeks with lots of useful sewing technique tutorials.

The book is out on the 25th October (less than 5 weeks!) and you can pre-order your copy here. I hope you enjoy the video.

PS. for all my northern friends in the UK, I had no idea my accent had morphed so much, I’ve no idea what’s happened to it and my beloved Grandad who after I’d lived in Brighton for around 5 years accused me of “talking all lah di dah” would be choking on his tea……

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