Possibly The Most In-Depth Book Review in The World Ever!


I was chuffed when Portia Lawrie agreed to review my book “A Beginner’s Guide to Making Skirts”, I was amazed when she told me how she intended to do it…..

She only went and got a bunch of beginner’s together and tested the book out by teaching a workshop!!

The result is the most detailed review of a craft book I’ve ever read.

I feel I should add a short line about the students’ skirt choices; I’ve been teaching now for 9 years and one of the most important things I’ve learned is to manage the expectations of my students. I probably would’ve quite firmly steered some of Portia’s students (namely the one’s who had never used a sewing machine or hadn’t for a long time) towards the first two projects in the book (the projects progressively get harder as you work through the book) and away from pleats, gathers, vents and waistbands!

Having said that, they pulled it all together and did a fantastic job.  A massive thanks to Portia and her endless enthusiasm, her capable assistant Jenna and those 5 brilliant students.

Read how they all got on here.


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