MIY March 17 – Sponsors

MIY March sponsors

In my previous MIY March post I told you there were 15 sponsors involved in this year’s event. Well, I was still finalising a few details and I can tell you that the final number has now gone up to 16 sponsors.

In January I had a wish list of the best people in the industry that I approached to be involved in this year’s event and I’ve honestly been humbled by the generosity of these sponsors and am super grateful to them all for agreeing to take part and for the fabulous prizes they’ve donated. The total value of the prize fund is now over £800!!!

MIY March prizes

Here’s a list of all the wonderful people taking part and contributing to your bumper fund of sewing prizes (in no particular order):

  1. Faberwood – Fiona at Faberwood has a great eye for hand-picking a gorgeous edited range of modern fabrics for her online shop.
  2. Marilla Walker – Marilla is a creative whirlwind who never seems to stop making and designs a range of super wearable sewing patterns.
  3. Beyond Measure – Grace sources some of the most desirable yet functional sewing tools you’ll find anywhere.
  4. Ditto – just around the corner from MIY Workshop Ditto has been stocking a wide range of quality dressmaking fabrics for 3 decades.
  5. Cico – publishers of my last book “A Beginner’s Guide to Making Skirts” Cico produce beautiful craft books for modern makers.
  6. Paddleboat – Hannah’s Mitchell dress and jumpsuit pattern is waiting on my to-sew list and I can’t wait to make it.
  7. Minerva – Minerva have a mind-boggling range of everything sewing on their website, if you need it, you’re likely to find it at Minerva.
  8. Textile Garden – Maggie sources beautiful buttons, pins and fasteners, perfect for adding a special finishing touch to projects.
  9. By Hand London – creators of sewing patterns for gorgeous grown-up girl styles, including the popular Elisalex dress.
  10. Fashion Formula – these fashion focussed digital printers can print your own custom fabric and they don’t just do quilting cotton!!
  11. Love Sewing – one of the UK’s most popular sewing magazines with loads of dressmaking patterns, advice and columns.
  12. Sew DIY – Beth of Sew DIY has a great eye, I just love her style. She also designs a capsule collection of sewing patterns.
  13. Discovery Knitting – are a rare beast; they manufacture a beautiful range of affordable fabrics right here in the UK.
  14. Seamwork – Seamwork is a monthly digital magazine with patterns and the Seamwork podcast makes for a great listen while sewing.
  15. Ernest Wright – have a deserved reputation as makers of quite simply the best scissors you’ll ever use. Made in Sheffield (my home town).
  16. Janome – makers of good quality affordable sewing machines for every level of maker; from beginners to professionals.

So, lots of you are going to be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes; for each of the 5 weeks in March there will be a bundle of 3 prizes up for grabs. Apart from one week, all prizes will be open to worldwide participation, one week will be open in the UK only.

I’m going to post more details tomorrow about the new making aspect to this year’s event which I’m calling the MIY March MIY Maker and on Monday I’ll be posting the full details of how to play along with this year’s MIY March.

Hope you’re all as excited as I am!


4 responses to “MIY March 17 – Sponsors

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  2. I am!! I can’t wait, it’ll be my first time joining in! 😳


  3. This all sounds super exciting. Can’t wait to get involved!


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