MIY March 17 – How to Play

MIY March rules

Here’s how to join in with this year’s MIY March:

  • topic lists for the following week will be posted on Sunday evenings via mine and Emma‘s Instagram accounts (for the first week, the topic list will be posted on Tuesday evening, ready for Wednesday 1st March)
  • at the start of each day in March we will post that day’s topic along with ideas / inspiration to get your little grey cells working
  • to join in, everyday in March post a sewing themed photo to your  Instagram account inspired by the daily topic
  • use the hashtag #miymarch17 in the caption of your picture
  • follow me @thatwendyward and Emma @dressmakerssocial so that you know each day’s topic and can check out our daily top 4 and Prizeday winners
  • everyday myself and Emma will choose our favourite 4 pictures from that day to share and repost with you all
  • every Saturday will be a Prizeday (week 5 it will be Friday) and you will also need to FOLLOW THE SPONSORS OF THAT WEEK’S PRIZE BUNDLE TO ENTER
  • Prizeday winners will be announced on Sundays from our top 4 pictures posted on Saturday
  • don’t forget there is also a new making challenge included in this year’s event with a separate prize up for grabs – details here
  • if your account is set to “private” no-one will be able to see your pics so you won’t be able to join in!

Find out more about this year’s additional making challenge and all the fantastic sponsors of this event.


  1. all times are GMT
  2. no prizes can be swapped or substituted
  3. by playing you are agreeing to your pictures being shared by me and / or Emma and / or the sponsors involved online via any platform, or in print to promote the event
  4. participation in MIY March will be via Instagram only – entries via other social media platforms will not be included.

So, what’s not to like? Exercise your little grey cells, meet like-minded people from around the world, win prizes and get inspired!

If you’re not already on Instagram there is lots of help for how to set up your account and how to use Instagram here.

Look forward to meeting you!!


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