First Copy of Beginner’s Guide to Sewing With Knitted Fabrics!!!

I had a bit of super exciting post this weekend – the first advance copy of my new book “A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing With Knitted Fabrics”!!

I’m so happy with with it (see evidence below!!)

I can’t wait to show you what’s on the inside, but for now here’s a brief description (you can pre-order your copy on Amazon here):

Beginner’s Guide to Sewing with Knitted Fabrics contains everything you need to know to make 20 essential garments from stretch knit fabrics in 10 sizes along with ideas to easily adapt them for everyday wear, activewear or loungewear.

With patterns and detailed instructions for these functional but beautiful basics, you will learn the skills to make garments out of knitted fabrics using just your regular domestic sewing machine. There are core wardrobe basics that you’ll turn to again and again; t-shirts, wide-leg trousers, lounge pants, tank tops, cardigans, skirts and dresses with styling and fabric selection help that will enable you to dress them up or down.

Both beginners and more experienced dressmakers often avoid using knitted fabrics, but I’ll show you how to successfully sew them with just a regular sewing machine. You will learn all the essential knit know-how sewing skills with the help of a comprehensive techniques section that includes:

  • a guide to all the different types of knitted fabrics, what they’re like to work with and wear and how to choose the best fabric for your project
  • a knitted fabric shopping checklist
  • how to prepare knits for making clothes – including washing, drying, laying out and cutting
  • how to set up your sewing machine to sew knits
  • which needles you need to sew knits
  • how to sew seams, hems and finish edges in knits on your regular sewing machine
  • special treatments for knits including; different ways to use elastic and taping seams
  • a comprehensive glossary of knitted fabrics and fibres.

Patterns for the 6 basic garments and all the variations to make 20 different designs are included in the book on 3 pull-out, full scale, multi-sized pattern sheets. Each pattern has 10 sizes. No need for downloading or scaling up patterns. The patterns are over-printed in colour on both sides of the pattern sheets, so just trace off the pieces that you need and off you go. For those of you who struggled with the pattern sheets in A Beginner’s Guide to Making Skirts – I’ve put a lot of work into making them easier to use in this book.

The patterns are printed in 10 sizes which cover the following range: bust 80-121cm (31 1/2 to 47 3/4 ins), waist 64-105cm (25 to 41 1/2 ins), hips 88-129cm (34 1/2 to 51 ins).


I’m currently in the process of planning just two workshops based around the book early in 2018 – one in Brighton and one in Sheffield.  If you want to be sure of booking a place on either, sign up for the MIY Workshop newsletter here – places for new workshops are offered to subscribers first before they go on general sale.


Beginner’s Guide to Sewing With Knitted Fabrics is available to pre-order on Amazon now.  If you’d like a signed copy direct from me, I’ll have these to pre-order in November for delivery on publication day which is 9th January 2018 and these copies will have Christmas gift purchase options available!! To make sure you don’t miss out, sign up for the MIY Collection newsletter here.

Take a sneaky peek behind the scenes to see how the book has taken shape during the last year over on my Instagram account using #beginnersguidetosewingknits

11 responses to “First Copy of Beginner’s Guide to Sewing With Knitted Fabrics!!!

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  2. Will this be available in the US?


    • It will! ! It’s available now to pre-order on Amazon in the US and I will have singed copies to pre-order direct from me in November for delivery on publication day (9th Jan) 😊


  3. I can’t wait to see it in a bookshop!!


  4. Mine has been on pre-order since I saw it on Amazon! I can’t wait. I love that you have such an inclusive size range. 😀


  5. Good news. You are my go-to reference on how to sew properly (trying to get away from the slap dash mess, I usually produce!)


  6. That’s fabulous news! I’m so excited to get my copy when it’s released. Congratulations on all your hard work! Josie X


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