MIY Made By You – Fulwood Dresses

So many gorgeous makes using my patterns have been shared by proud makers on social media recently. Probably too many to be included in this month’s MIY Makers and, if you don’t use social media, you’ll miss them, so I’ve decided to devote a special post to them here.

Unsurprisingly there were lots of Fulwoods.

The Fulwood is one of my most popular MIY Collection patterns, I think thanks to the seemingly endless different ways to make it.  I’m still finding new ways and so, it seems, are you!

MIY Collection Fulwood DressThis summery floaty floral viscose number is by @_ym.sews_ on Instagram. Check out her feed to see it finished.

MIY Collection Fulwood DressThis gloriously wearable cotton/linen Fulwood is also by @_ym.sews_ and features the CF skirt pleat redistributed into several smaller pleats (see how to do that here) and cut-away front pockets instead of side seam pockets – something I might have to include in that long awaited “how to make all these new Fulwood variations” post I keep promising to write…..

MIY Collection Fulwood DressYou might recognise this gathered waist Fulwood as it won last month’s MIY Makers and was made by @vesty using a fabulous Alexander Henry printed cotton (that print is called “Ghastlie Jacks” and I LOVE it!).

MIY Collection Fulwood DressThis classic denim Fulwood by @katelovesstuff with the collar and centre pleat options is perfect for layering in colder weather.

George at Fabworks recently sent me a bundle of their fabrics, amongst which was the most divine of fabrics, this Jackson Pollock style crepe de chine which I immediately knew just had to be a summery Fulwood dress.

Here it is in all its glory……

MIY Collection fulwood pattern MIY Collection fulwood pattern

The fabric was a dream to sew – it didn’t fray excessively like I expected of a lightweight crepe. It also washed really well and doesn’t crease at all – perfect for holiday wardrobe sewing!

I won’t be wearing it for a while as we’re having a last blast of Siberian winter here in the UK, but I’m really looking forward to wearing it in the summer, it’s like being wrapped in a floaty soft lightweight cloud. Just dreamy!! In fact, I’ve just ordered myself some more so if you want some, you’d better be quick, you can get it here….

If you want to have a go at your own Fulwood dress, get the PDF pattern here and get started tonight!

Just to prove how lightweight it is, here are some of the more blowy (and freezing cold) photos of it from this weekend…..













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