MIY March 18 – Sponsors & Prizes

miy march 18

OK, MIY March starts tomorrow!! Are you ready? Make sure you’ve read my post on how to play because once you see this list of sponsors you are most DEFINITELY going to want to join in…

Nice list or what?! A huge thank you to all these generous businesses for supporting MIY March this year. Go check them out, they all have lots of gorgeous, gorgeous things for creative souls like us.

Now, as I explained in my last MIY March post, in the interests of mixing things up a little and keeping you on your toes, prizes will be happening in a slightly different way this year.

There won’t be any specific prizedays, but you’ll be able to enter your pictures to 4 prize categories during the whole of March, hooray!! Prize winners will then be announced on Sunday 1st April.

So, what are the prize categories Wendy, I hear you shout!!

  1. #miymarchstayingpower – have you got the stamina to post every day?! If so, this is the prize category for you. Emma and I will choose the winner of this category from players who have shown the maximum commitment to the cause! Open to worldwide entrants. SPONSORS: Beyond Measure / Offset Warehouse 
  2. #miymarchlaughing – if not taking yourself too seriously is your thing, get tagging your pictures with this hashtag. We’re looking for the picture that makes us laugh the most. Emma and I will choose the final 4 then throw it open to you for a hilarious vote! Open to worldwide entrants. SPONSORS: Fabworks / Sew Essential
  3. #miymarchwow – want to really show off your skills and makes? Been working on a project that makes you so proud you could burst? We want to celebrate your talents so this category is for the most impressive make of the month. Again, Emma and I will choose a final 4 then open it to you to vote. Open to worldwide entrants. SPONSORS: Cico / Faberwood
  4. #miymarch18 – 3 people will be picked at random from the whole month to each receive a prize. Open to worldwide entrants. SPONSORS: Janome / Discovery / Chat Chocolat / Minerva / Girl Charlee

To enter a photo into one of the prize categories simply use the relevant hashtag when posting your photo and tag all the sponsors of that prize category. Make sure you also follow the Instagram accounts of all of the MIY March sponsors (Instagram accounts are linked above, just click on the sponsor’s name).

I have deliberately not given details of the prizes up for grabs just yet.  All will be revealed later in the month. SUCH a tease, I know. You love it.

To get you off to a flying start, here’s your list of daily topics for this first week’s theme: Week of Colour.

miy march week 1 topics

Something tells me that this arctic weather we’re currently having in the UK will lend itself particularly well to day 4!!











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