A Belated May MIY Makers

For the last few months my attention has been elsewhere (more on that soon), so you may have noticed the lack of MIY Makers posts.

I thought it was time to set that right, so as there have been more gorgeous makes from Beginner’s Guide to Sewing With Knitted Fabrics than I’ve been able to keep up with, I decided to showcase some of my favourites now, in a slightly belated May MIY Makers post.

Here are your choices this month. (Yes I know there are more than 4, but I’m playing catch-up, you’ll have to be discerning with your vote this time!)

Leave a comment with your choice.  I’ll announce the winner this week.  Voting is also open on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Longshaw Skirt by Aimee:

peak t-shirt by teresa:

kinder cardigan by mel:

Kinder cardigan by anna:

peak t-shirt dress by katie:

Winnats tank top by jacqueline:

Longshaw dress by nicky:

Kinder Cardigan by judith:

kinder cardigan by clare:

Tough choice isn’t it?! Over to you!

Full details on how you can enter your make for next month’s MIY Makers are here.


4 responses to “A Belated May MIY Makers

  1. Kinder cardigan by Clare. The yellow stripe is perfect!


  2. Peak t-shirt dress- floral


  3. Caroline Joynson

    Clare’s Kinder cardigan in yellow and white!


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