A Parkwood Cowl by Fiona of Faberwood

miy collection sewing patterns

A Parkwood Cowl in brushed flannel plaid, could there be a garment that more perfectly captures the essence of Winter?!

Fiona, owner of Faberwood and seller of beautiful fabrics has created this match made in Winter Wonderland.  She’s teamed my Parkwood Cowl pattern with one of her mammoth plaid flannels and what a winning combination it is.

There are more beautiful shots over on the Faberwood blog and you can find all the details about this divine fabric on the Faberwood website here, more colour ways are still available too.

Here are just a few things that you could make with this fabric that pop immediately into my sewing brain…..

  • the most cosy shirt ever
  • a luxurious coat lining
  • a Rutland Collection infinity scarf
  • cushions (I don’t think I’d ever leave a sofa with cushions like this)
  • Fulwood dress (oh my, now wouldn’t that be dreamy…!)
  • or, gasp, PYJAMAS (wouldn’t you think you’d gone to heaven in those?!)

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