Top 20 Beginner Sewing Questions (& Answers!)

beginner sewing questions answered

In my sewing classes and online I’m regularly answering questions from eager beginners new to sewing.

The most common questions I get asked include: What sewing machine should I buy? / Should I buy an overlocker (serger)? / Which scissors do you recommend? / What fabric should I use? / Why does my sewing machine keep getting tangled up? / How should I wash my fabric? / Which sewing thread is the best? / Can I buy organic/sustainable fabric for sewing? / How do I measure myself?

As I’ve written about all of these subjects (and more) on this blog I thought it was high time I wrote a post aimed at beginners with links to posts that will hopefully answer all of these questions and more! I decided to choose the top 20 questions I am most often asked. Here you go:

  1. Which sewing machine should I buy?
  2. What fabric should I use?
  3. What other equipment do I need to start sewing?
  4. Can I buy organic / sustainable fabric for sewing?
  5. How do I measure myself?
  6. Do I need to buy an overlocker (serger)?
  7. Which scissors are best?
  8. How do I look after my scissors?
  9. Which sewing thread is the best?
  10. How can I get neat edges on my seam allowances?
  11. Should I wash my fabric?
  12. I can’t thread the bobbin on my sewing machine!
  13. What are all the settings on my sewing machine for and how do I change them?
  14. How do I sew stretch fabrics?
  15. Is there a quick way to unpick?
  16. How do I transfer pattern markings onto my cut out fabric pieces?
  17. Why is my fabric stuck in my sewing machine?
  18. How to sew over bulky bits without getting stuck?
  19. Is pressing really that important?
  20. What is tacking and do I really need to do it?

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top 20 sewing questions

One response to “Top 20 Beginner Sewing Questions (& Answers!)

  1. Wow, I had no idea! I’m pretty sure my mom has thread that has been in her sewing box for at least 30 years 😄 Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


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