New Book! Sewing Basics For Every Body

Sewing Basics for Every Body by Wendy Ward

It’s time to tell you a bit more about my new book “Sewing Basics For Every Body” which will finally be out in January.

Although it started out as a book for making unisex / gender-free clothes, it’s developed into so much more than that. I’m sure lots of you have listened to me bang on about how I love to sew everyday clothes, core basic styles are the building blocks of my wardrobe. I want to enjoy the fruits of my sewing labours as often as possible and not just keep them for best.

I also believe this approach is the most sustainable way to sew, another of my passions. To my mind a handmade garment that is worn several times a month is a much bigger success than one that sees the light of day twice a year on “special” occasions.

This book was born out of these two fundamental motivations that drive all of my work. The projects are those core basics, designed to be easily adapted to suit different seasons and styles. And what’s better, all of the projects in this book can also be made to fit all bodies, no matter their age, shape or gender.

If you follow me on social media you might have seen some sneaky snapshots of some of the projects….

And a few “behind the scenes” pictures from one of the photoshoots where we had THE most amazing models…..

Full-scale pattern sheets are included in the book with pattern pieces for the 5 core styles from which I show you how to make 20 very different styles including: the perfect wide legged trousers, sweatshirt, hoodie, shirt, pea coat, parka, worker jacket and more! This time the patterns cover the following range of sizes: chest 81-126cm (32 to 49 3/4 ins), waist 66-111cm (26 to 43 3/4 ins), hips 86-131cm (34 to 51 1/2 ins).

Most of the fabrics for this book were generously provided by the lovely team at Fabworks, here’s me with George and Dawn on my visit to their mind blowing warehouse up in Dewsbury last summer. They were the most welcoming and generous Yorkshire hosts to me…..

Sewing Basics for Every Body by Wendy Ward

It feels like this book has been a really long time in the making and has accompanied me through a pretty turbulent time in my life, it was commissioned just weeks after I had lost my beloved dad and I very nearly said I couldn’t do it, nevertheless, with the help of a team of great people I managed to finish it. The book has seen me through the lowest lows of my grief and the huge relocation of my life back home to Sheffield.  I can’t wait to share it with you all in a few months. I hope I’ve done my dad proud. 

If you want to pre-order a copy on Amazon, you will be doing me a huge favour as pre-sales on there are so important to both authors and publishers. If you use this link it will be even better as I will earn a (tiny) commission from your purchase.

If you really want a signed copy I’ll be doing the same as I did with my last book and will have pre-sales for signed copies open in time for Christmas with books going in the post in January.

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  1. I should order on the US amazon if in the US , correct? I would like to use your link, but it is for UK Amazon.


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