Sewing Basics For Every Body – Signed Copies Available to Pre-Order!

Pre-orders for signed copies of my new book “Sewing Basics For Every Body” are now OPEN!!

This book has been a long time in the making, not least because it’s accompanied me through a pretty turbulent period of my life. But, thanks to a distracting dose of determination from me, the support of a wonderful team at my publishers Cico and limitless encouragement from my loved ones, it’s finally here.

The official publication date is 14th January 2020 and I’m offering you the same deal that I did with my last book “Beginner’s Guide to Sewing With Knitted Fabrics“: 

  • receive your signed copy on publication day (sorry, but I’m unable to guarantee that orders from outside the UK will arrive on publication day),
  • option to have a personalised dedication in your copy,
  • if you want to order a copy as a Christmas gift, I’ll send a card for you to give to the recipient at Christmas and I’ll post the book direct to them for publication day (at no extra cost).


So, let me show you what’s inside…..

sewing basics for every body by Wendy Ward

The structure is similar to my other 3 books – a comprehensive techniques section alongside 5 projects and a set of basic patterns (included with the book) which can be customised into 20 different styles enabling you to create your own core wardrobe of go-to basics (you can see 3 of the projects pictured on the Contents page – the shirt, jacket and trousers).

The 5 projects are:

  • a basic t-shirt / sweatshirt that can also be made as a hoodie, a sweater dress and baseball style jacket,
  • trousers that can be made as elasticated pull-on pants, structured jeans style trousers or tapered / harem style,
  • a classic shirt with 3 different collar options, 2 hem finishes and a shirt dress,
  • 3 variations on a jumpsuit,
  • a coat that can be made in 4 very different styles: an unlined worker jacket, a classic lined pea coat, a hooded anorak and a long parka.

The patterns are designed to be unisex and will fit the following body measurements:

  • chest 81-126cm (32 to 49 3/4 ins)
  • waist 66-111cm (26 to 43 3/4 ins)
  • hips 86-131cm (34 to 51 1/2 ins).

All the patterns are included in the book on separate pull-out pattern sheets with full-size pattern pieces printed in different colours. Comprehensive instructions are also included for how to adjust the patterns if needed, to accommodate different sizes and proportions.

The idea behind the book was to create a capsule wardrobe of everyday basics that could be easily adapted into different styles and that would work in a variety of fabrics.

I’ve always loved to sew good quality basics that I know will get lots of wear.  I’m really interested in and passionate about sustainability in textiles, fashion and sewing. Making clothes that get lots of wear rather than being kept for “best” is an important part of this approach for me.  It’s all about price per wear and making everyday your “best” day!

The joy of good quality handmade clothes is something that I believe can be achieved by all makers regardless of age, size, gender or ability.  You just need to feel that there’s an achievable place you can get started. This book has the widest variety of projects in terms of skill level of all of my books – there are several projects that can easily be tackled by new makers (t-shirts, pull-on trousers) as well as those that will stretch more skilled makers (formal shirts, lined coats).

Each project in the book is structured like this:

1 – Summary of the project with photos of the different versions of the project (shot on men and women) along with a list of the skills you will learn.

sewing basics for every body by wendy ward

2 – A detailed finished garment measurement chart so you know exactly how much ease is included in the pattern along with a comprehensive description of the types of fabric you could use (not just a simple list of fabrics).

sewing basics for every body by wendy ward

3 – Detailed cutting plans for all the different options.

sewing basics for every body by wendy ward

4 – Clearly explained and illustrated step-by-step instructions.

sewing basics for every body by wendy ward

As this is my most wide ranging book yet in terms of techniques, this section is even longer than my other books and includes:

  • pattern adjustments
  • choosing, pre-washing and cutting fabrics
  • extensive tips on pressing
  • seams, including preparation, 3 methods for finishing seam allowances, seams in knitted fabrics, understitching, topstitching, edge stitching, stay stitching
  • hems, including preparation, 2 methods for hemming woven fabrics and 3 methods for hemming knitted fabrics
  • preparing, sewing and pressing darts
  • preparing and sewing 2 different types of pleats
  • inserting a fly front zip
  • attaching fixed waistbands
  • attaching elasticated waistbands
  • sewing on buttons
  • marking and sewing buttonholes
  • patch pockets
  • front hip or cut-away pockets
  • in-seam pockets
  • welt pockets
  • 3 different collars
  • hand printing a stencil.

All presented in my clear, step-by-step illustrated style:

sewing basics for every body by wendy ward

And within the project instructions you can learn even more:

  • lining a coat
  • sewing an open-ended zip
  • my fool-proof method for attaching a t-shirt neckband
  • making and attaching hoods
  • sewing raglan sleeves
  • sewing set-in sleeves
  • sewing a shirt cuff and placket
  • how to finish a shaped shirt hem neatly
  • sewing a shirt yoke
  • sewing a mandarin collar
  • sewing a fly covered button stand on a shirt
  • making and attaching a standing coat collar.


sewing basics for every body by wendy ward

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