MIY March 2020

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Welcome back for the 6th year of MIY March!!

This year is going to be a little different, it’s going to be SLOWER….

If you haven’t joined us before, #miymarch is a community Instagram challenge. In previous years it’s been a month long marathon of daily photo prompts, but this year is going to be a weekly challenge with an overarching theme for the month. There will be thoughtful blog posts and encouragement to think outside of the box and try something a little different. I have some beautiful prizes lined up for you and a special guest taking over for week 3.

Fancy joining us?? Read on!!

Although MIY March is predominantly an Instagram based event, this year I’ll also be posting more on my blog, encouraging you to do the same and hopefully we’ll all take a bit more time to read, think and maybe then post on Instagram rather than the mad scramble to post a photo a day. Hopefully slowing down and taking the time to think before you post….!

What’s this overarching theme then, I hear you ask…..well it probably won’t come as a surprise to many of you to hear that the theme for this year’s MIY March is Sustainable Sewing and Making. A subject that is never far from my mind and has been since I wrote my dissertation for my degree back in 2000. You can read more about that journey here.

MIY MARCH 20 – WEEK 1 – Getting to Know You (& your wardrobe)

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Week 1 of MIY March is all about introductions.

  1. why is sustainable sewing important to you?
  2. what are your main motivations for sewing and making?
  3. why are you taking part in MIY March?
  4. share with us your most worn and least worn makes, it’s not a naming and shaming exercise, but a collective journey of discovery.

Share your responses on your blog and/or on Instagram so that we can all join in the conversation and find more like-minded makers to follow.  You can find me on Instagram at @thatwendyward

I’ll be posting my answers to these questions tomorrow.

Now I’d love to know even more about your sewing habits (yeh I know, I’m dead nosey!) You might discover even more about your sewing habits by completing my short survey, just click the button below (the survey will open in a pop-up window and there are 14 short questions to answer, most of which are multiple choice style meaning it should take a matter of minutes):

Take the Sewing Habits Survey


I’ll choose the most thought-provoking blog / Instagram post at the end of this week and I’ll send that person a copy of my new book Sewing Basics for Every Body.

I’m looking forward to some inspiring posting! To whet your appetite, here is a link to more posts I’ve written on this subject.

18 responses to “MIY March 2020

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  2. What does MIY stand for?


  3. Irene Lindley

    I have completed the questionnaire and put my post on Instagram with my most and least worn makes. I think this is a brilliant idea. It’s so easy to be looking ahead at the next thing to make that you’ve seen on instragram when really do you need it. I love comfy clothes that I can wear every day that suit my way of life. After I have put all the effort into them they have to last a long time.


  4. Such a great idea for slowing things right down this year Wendy! I’m unable to fully take part as am out of action but will enjoy following and catching up via the blog when able as Instagram is far too busy a space for me at the moment. I love that this years MIYMarch is putting the brakes on instead of hurtling towards a finish line. It seems the perfect chilled out approach to go hand in hand with how making ought to be, more considered! 😊


    • I’m so glad you’re on the same wavelength Josie (I thought you would be 🙂). I’m sorry to hear that you’re out of action. Enjoy dipping in and out as you can and I look forward to hearing more from you when you’re back. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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  6. I both completed the questionnaire and asked my daughter to do so. Nice to see so much emphasis on sustainable sewing, mending and recycling this year. I’ve come back to sewing to rebuild a wardrobe recently and it’s such a different world.


    • Thanks so much for taking part in the survey both of you!! Glad to hear you’re appreciative of the slower more sustainable focus. I agree, the world of home sewing is now unrecognisable to when I started in the 80s…!! Mostly in good ways :o) I hope you’re enjoying getting back into it.


      • Lol, I started making my own clothes as a teenager in the late 70s, stopped in the 90s when it got much harder to find fabric, my daughter was old enough to have an opinion about not wearing homemade clothes, I’d made the curtains and soft-furnishings and had enough clothes. I was still wearing some of those memade clothes until a couple of years ago.


      • What a wonderful credit to your making skills that you’ve still been wearing those clothes you made until recently!! Are you back for clothes making or other sewing? And is your daughter now sewing?!


  7. absewlutelysharon

    I completed the questionnaire on my phone so for two of the questions I could not click and drag the answers into the order I wanted them so I changed the numbers in the boxes instead. Hope this is ok.
    Loved the questionnaire, it made me think.


  8. Love the questionnaire, I shared it with my FB mending group.
    I’ll be posting my #MIYmarch20 responses on my SpyGirl blog:


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