MIY March 20 – End of Week 1

MIY March 20

I hope you’ve all been enjoying reading the thoughtful and inspiring posts on Instagram and on individual blogs during this first week of MIY March 20.

I’ve been heartened to read of so much love for using fabric thoughtfully, for making with care, for being inspired and liberated to discover your own style and for the sheer joy of wearing handmade clothes.  You are a wonderful group of makers, creating sustainably and thoughtfully and for many many individual reasons.

Like I promised, I’ve chosen one participant to whom I’m going to send a copy of my new book Sewing Basics for Every Body and that person is Josie, aka @songofthesewingmachine on Instagram and on her blog.

Josie’s consistently thoughtful and creative approach to sewing, style and issues of sustainability is really inspiring and if you haven’t read her blog, I urge you to make yourself a brew and start with her MIY March post,   I don’t know anyone else with such commitment to never giving up on a project.  She is the absolute queen of reinvention and does it with such style.

Thank you Josie.

12 responses to “MIY March 20 – End of Week 1

  1. Aw, I’m so touched and honoured that you liked my post and also for the huge compliments about my making – thanks for being so supportive Wendy X


  2. I’m so happy to hear Josie won the prize last week… her posts are always thoughtful and her sewing always sustainable.


  3. I just returned from reading Josie’s MIY March post. Wonderful!
    Thanks for the intro (though I was already following her on IG. Ha. #cantkeeptrack).

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  4. Such a great choice! Josie is a constant source of inspiration, well deserved 😀

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