MIY March – End of Weeks 2 & 3

Well that was a strange two weeks wasn’t it?!

Sorry I just vanished off the face of the internet, I was (like I imagine most of you were) trying to come to terms with our enforced “new normal”.

Now that I’m finally starting to think about work again, here are my favourite posts from the Instagram sewing community for weeks 2 and 3 of MIY March.

In case you’d forgotten (and who could blame you as the first two weeks of March now seem like a lifetime ago to me), the theme for week 2 was “Sharing and Caring” and week 3 it was “Refashion It”.

This gorgeous handmade rabbit stole my heart for week 2, he was made by Lisa and you should totally head over to her original post for a heartwarming read:

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I missed the first week of #miymarch20, hosted by @thatwendyward looking thoughtfully and reflectively at our sewing. Week 2 now and I'm starting Treasured Textile. Meet Bobo, she's the very worn and in need of more patching knitted bunny. My nanny Daisy asked her sister to knit her for me when I was two. Apparently she was dressed in a wonderful felt suit, which I ripped off, hugged her tight and said Bobo. I adored Daisy, we were firm friends. I was her favourite grandchild, apparently because I'm adopted mum said Daisy felt I needed extra loving. When she was twelve she went to London to work as a Nursery Maid. The family allowed her to take her pet rabbit with her which makes me feel emotional, to think how young she was, a country girl from Norfolk and grateful she could take a friend. My dearest nanny died riddled with cancer when I was six. She was going to live with us and I was excited to share my room with her. My last memory is sitting in bed with her eating the pinkest strawberry icecream. After she died Bobo was permanently held tightly under my arm. My school teacher kept telling me off and to put her down, I ignored him. He spoke to my mum about this 'problem'. It was the 70's, I don't think anyone realised children grieve then. Anyways I carried on ignoring them all. I was a quiet, shy child but I was always strong in my beliefs. Bobo is about the joy of handmade, family love and memories to me hence choosing Bobo Bun as my name all those years ago. Do you know I've loved writing this, to remember and celebrate my lovely Daisy who was an amazing woman who raised seven children almost single-handedly as her husband suffered from mental health issues. They left their East End home when the bombing got so bad, only to return and find everything had been stolen. So they came to Norfolk and lived for a while in an abandoned hut near an airfield. My mum was born in Norfolk. She told me in my 20's that her dad was actually the rich landowner. My nanny had obviously had to find a way to pay the rent to support her family. I admire her so much for her strength of character and the huge capacity she had for loving us. My mum adored her mother rightly so.

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Thanks Lisa, who at some point should hopefully be receiving that gorgeous bundle box of fabric courtesy of Faberwood.

This impressive refashion caught both mine and Portia’s eyes and we agreed that Wendy’s coat was our choice for week 3.

Have a look at Wendy’s post for more pictures of this totally transformed coat:

Thanks for sharing this refashion Wendy, you can look forward to that beautiful wooden handled unpicker courtesy of Beyond Measure when a bit of normality returns.

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