Second Hand Cultures in Unsettled Times – virtual symposium 15th & 16th June

second hand cultures virtual symposium

I’m doing something a little different next week – running a workshop for the Second Hand Cultures online symposium. My workshop ‘Well-Worn: Falling Back in Love With Our Clothes’ will be opening the event and I’m really looking forward to trying something new. The workshop isn’t about making something; it’s more about appreciating, listening and exploring.

The symposium is being organised by the University of Cardiff and aims to explore secondhand cultures and practices around the world. It’s a very timely event given the current state of the world and the fashion industry and even though it may sound like it’s just for academics, the organisers are keen to emphasise that the symposium is open to anyone interested in fashion and secondhand. There are workshops, films, book talks and more. Plenty of opportunities to get hands-on and meet some like-minded others.

It’s completely free and you can register here.

Make sure you bring the following to your Zoom screen ready for my workshop:

  • a well-worn and/or well-loved item of clothing
  • a couple of sheets of white paper at least A4 size
  • a thick pen, pencil or crayon in a dark colour.

I look forward to meeting you and your garments next week!

3 responses to “Second Hand Cultures in Unsettled Times – virtual symposium 15th & 16th June

  1. Hi Wendy, are you able to indicate what time you will be doing your workshop please?


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