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(Almost) 31 Days of Me Made May

I thought it would be good for me to write an end of the month post to summarise my experience of taking part in Me Made May for the first time, so here goes…… OK so I missed 2 days, … Continue reading

Me Made May Week 4

I spent most of week 4 up in Sheffield enjoying a (sort-of) week off, hence the new background wall! Yes, it’s yet again more of the same, but nice to know that I can even put together a good travelling … Continue reading

Me Made May Week 3

I’m late posting this as I’ve been trying to take a week off, so, better late than never! I feel reassured that in summary week 3 was; “More of the Same”! Here’s what I’m wearing from left to right: TOP … Continue reading

Me Made May Week 2

I had a much better week of documenting my daily wearing of Me Mades this week and am mostly managing to stick to my pledge (hooray, pat on the back for me) and I’m really enjoying it! My realisation after … Continue reading

Me Made May Week 1

Are you doing Me Made May? It’s my first year and as I’m mainly posting my daily outfits on Instagram I thought it might be nice to do a weekly summary here, along with any profound musings that have come … Continue reading

Me Made May 16

Are you taking part in Me Made May this year? It’s Zoe Edwards’ yearly event aims to get us makers wearing more of what we make, find out more about it and how to take part here. Now, I already … Continue reading

Wool Fabrics Made in Yorkshire! A Visit to Fabworks

Print Your Own – is printing your own fabric the ultimate me-made?

PART 1: Low Tech – Print it Yourself Have you been searching for ways to make your me-mades just that bit more special and unique? If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen my recent forays into … Continue reading

Vote for May’s MIY Maker

New Curtains from Old Fabrics for a New Home!

So, I’ve been unforgivably quiet recently.  It’s been a wrench to be kept away, but the reason is that I was moving house.  It was a bit of a pain at times, but the end result = a much nicer … Continue reading