sewing classes sheffield

I teach dressmaking, pattern cutting and sewing classes for adults. I don’t teach children.

I am now located in sunny Sheffield in the foothills of the glorious Peak District.

The magic of MIY Workshop sewing classes are now available in various venues in the north. Find details of all my available sewing classes here.

To get priority booking before new dates are advertised online, sign-up here:

9 responses to “SEWING CLASSES

  1. claudiatannerhammond

    Hi Wendy
    I was wondering weather there was any news of you running the city & guilds course over the summer as I am extremely interested and would very much like a place.



    • Hi Claudia, I probably will be doing this but no definite dates yet – I’m working on some dates for the next few courses and will email everyone on my mailing list before I advertise them more widely. I’ve just checked and you’re on my mailing list so you’ll be one of the first to hear when dates are confirmed!
      Hope that’s ok.


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