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Sew magazine features my classes

June’s issue of Sew magazine has a feature on”Stitching by the Sea” and they’ve featured my classes for Brighton!

Discounts for my students at Brighton Sewing Centre

The lovely owners of Brighton Sewing Centre, Nicole and Melinda, have very generously agreed to let my students have a 10% discount in their shop, hooray!

Brighton Sewing Centre is across the road from Just Sew where I teach my classes and they have a great selection of fabrics, equipment and haberdashery.  The discount also applies to sewing machines; of which they have a good range and friendly knowledgeable staff on hand to help you try out machines.

So, if you book a block of four of my Drop-in Sewing and Dressmaking classes you will be able to claim your 10% discount throughout the six weeks that you have to attend your classes.


Love your old jumpers again!

I had a lovely time last night helping the good folk of Brighton customise their old jumpers. It was an event put on by an organisation called Global Cool who promote more sustainable ways of living – wear your new customised jumper and turn down your heating.

There was a real Aladdin’s cave of haberdashery, trims, beads and threads provided by the Brighton Sewing Centre and lots of nice new people to meet as well as some familiar faces to natter with.

Here’s one I made for the event.  Perfect for chilly Easter days!

Customised jumper - detail

Why not have a go at one yourself?  It’s easy and quick…..

  • Find a silhouette to use: Dover books are great as all their images are copyright free, or do a google image search (be sure to use an image that isn’t copyrighted), or draw one yourself.
  • Cut out the silhouette in felt and hand sew to your jumper with a running stitch close to the edge of the felt shape in a matching colour thread.  Be careful not to stretch your jumper while attaching the felt.
  • I made a pompom to use for the bunny tail.
  • You could use fabric other than felt, but felt’s useful as the edges don’t fray and therefore don’t need to be hemmed.  If you use a fabric which frays turn under a small hem to the wrong side of the fabric all around the silhouette before attaching it to your jumper.  Or use bondaweb……….but that’s a whole other discussion!