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Book Reviews – numbers 1 to 3 of many

Here’s the first in what I hope will be a fairly regular series of posts to review books I own, use or have seen.  Prompted by my shameless book-buying habit and a recent spring clean and resulting organisation of said book collection.  I wonder how many books you need to be able to call your collection a library…?

So, here goes, first up a trusty old tome of techniques:

The Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing.  My copy is a first edition published in 1978, I believe it’s since been updated.  In my opinion the old ones are the best when it comes to sewing technique books.  I’ve used this book for both classes and in my own sewing and the explanations and diagrams are crystal clear.  It’s informative, clear, easy to use and thorough.  Look out for a copy in charity shops and second-hand book shops.

**22/7/13 – I’ve since reviewed this book in more detail here.**

Next, a bit of history:

Dior by Dior – The Autobiography of Christian Dior.  A fascinating behind-the-scenes peek at the goings-on at the house of Dior during the golden age of couture during the 1940’s.  Interesting chronicle of the life of the man and the life of his collections, from early ideas to the showing of collections at intimate salons.  Made me wish I could travel back in time.

And finally:

The Sartorialist – Scott Schuman.  The book version of Schuman’s popular blog which started in 2005.  A fascinating and strangely addictive documentary of fashion from around the world, Schuman photographs anyone on the street whom he considers to have an interesting style of their own or an individual interpretation of a current trend.  Although the book and the blog teem with the beautiful, a few normal faces get in there too.  As the photos aren’t styled or posed or set-up in any way you can focus on the clothes without distraction. Inspiring.  Be warned though – addictive.