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Sewing Basics For Every Body – Giveaway Winners

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Love Sewing Pattern Competition Winners

Love Sewing MIY Collection Pattern Competition Winners

Remember that competition in Love Sewing magazine at the end of last year to win one of my new patterns?

Well, we finally have 2 winners!!!

Hang on, I’m just getting my trumpet out to toot a little fanfare……

Grace Duncan and Aebbe Proudly


Your patterns will be winging their merry little way to you later today.

And the Winners are……

……Hilary Malam and Kelly Adcock!!  Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who entered and for all your brilliant answers to the competition questions. They will be forming the foundations of some blog posts over the coming months.

So, you might see your biggest sewing and dressmaking problem answered in print soon…….

bgtdm competition winners