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More Summer Frock Making

Yesterday was the second Summer Frock Making workshop.

Here’s some of the lovely frocks that left MIY Workshop at the end of the day:

frockmakingjulyEmme in her vest dress on the left in a cute ditsy floral jersey from Ditto, Sarah in the middle in her tube dress with Ditto jersey fabric in the bodice and Lyndsay on the right in her simple shift dress from lovely black chambray from, guess where…..!

All these three dresses were the first garments that these students had ever made – impressive hey?!

Unfortunately we had one student who didn’t make it due to illness today.  My other student Amy made a good start on a dress using a Simplicity pattern that she’d brought in.  Students are always welcome to bring along their own patterns to my Sunday workshops, but……..when a workshop is designed around using my patterns, I’ve carefully designed those patterns to ensure that it’s achievable for the majority of students to be able to finish them in a day.  So if a finished product is what you want to go home with…….I’ll say no more!  Other than, Emme and Sarah went home in their frocks.  Now that’s got to be satisfying!!

Here’s some feedback from my students on what they thought of the workshop:

“Today was invaluable!  As someone who has only made basic household items and can do little more, I found today perfectly pitched for my ability and confidence level.  I came out with a lovely dress that I made from start to finish.  Wendy’s personable nature, small class sizes and expertise ensured that I was 100% satisfied with the experience and will be visiting again soon.”

“Really enjoyed the course it was so exciting to make something that fits properly, I will definitely be back again.  Thank you!”

The last Summer Frock Making Workshop is next Sunday (21st July) and is fully booked.  If you’d like to have a go at making your own frock, you can always use my patterns at the Weekly Sewing and Dressmaking classes, there are 7 time slots to choose from!  More details here: www.miyworkshop.co.uk/weekly-sewing-dressmaking-classes/