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Felt collar necklaces

I’ve been making these collar shaped necklaces from the offcuts of wool from my capelets for a while now and they’re starting to take off.  I delivered this little lot to a lovely local called Misha today.  She’s opening a new shop on Kensington Gardens in the North Laine in the next few weeks called Rose Hill Boutique.  Misha also makes jewellery and judging by her taste, I think the shop will be well worth a look.

You can also get them in Laste on Bond St, Handmade on St. James’ St and I’m working on an order for a lovely shop in Lewes, but more on that later…..

Love your old jumpers again!

I had a lovely time last night helping the good folk of Brighton customise their old jumpers. It was an event put on by an organisation called Global Cool who promote more sustainable ways of living – wear your new customised jumper and turn down your heating.

There was a real Aladdin’s cave of haberdashery, trims, beads and threads provided by the Brighton Sewing Centre and lots of nice new people to meet as well as some familiar faces to natter with.

Here’s one I made for the event.  Perfect for chilly Easter days!

Customised jumper - detail

Why not have a go at one yourself?  It’s easy and quick…..

  • Find a silhouette to use: Dover books are great as all their images are copyright free, or do a google image search (be sure to use an image that isn’t copyrighted), or draw one yourself.
  • Cut out the silhouette in felt and hand sew to your jumper with a running stitch close to the edge of the felt shape in a matching colour thread.  Be careful not to stretch your jumper while attaching the felt.
  • I made a pompom to use for the bunny tail.
  • You could use fabric other than felt, but felt’s useful as the edges don’t fray and therefore don’t need to be hemmed.  If you use a fabric which frays turn under a small hem to the wrong side of the fabric all around the silhouette before attaching it to your jumper.  Or use bondaweb……….but that’s a whole other discussion!

Festive fodder

I have a couple of markets and open studios coming up soon.  The first being Art Junky at the Phoenix Gallery this Sunday (21st Nov).

Perfect opportunity to use up the left over bits of my felted jumpers…..

……….a flock of robins to hang or perch in your Christmas tree………….

……mittens!!  Some embroidered, some plain and some with strings (it’s not just kids who lose their mittens).

And a bit of gentle irony on a Christmas card.

Hope to see you there!

Get your mits on

It’s chilly, it’s wet, it’s dark.

Let the mittens into your life.  They’ll give your cold little hands a woolly, warm, waterproof hug.

They’re not finished yet.  I’m thinking they need strings and a spot of embroidery.  They will be making their debut at a few Christmas fairs I’m doing soon.  Details to follow……

Fresh crop

How exciting – a fresh new delivery of jumpers arrived this morning…..

I never know what to expect, so it’s a bit like unwrapping presents.

There’s a weird and wonderful collection of colours, patterns and styles in there.  I think this one in particular wins the prize for this delivery though…….

Carrots, all over a bright blue jumper.  Well, obviously!!!

Every delivery is like a little treasure haul, there’s soft lambswool, fine merino wool and even a bit of velvety cashmere in this one, and from a real mish mash of different brands; from Barbour to the Sweater Shop (remember them?  I do, the less said, the better…)  It’s also nice to see how many of these garments were made in Scotland and the UK in general.  I wonder how common that is now?

I’m itching to get started on them and see how they all turn out.  Stay tuned to see for yourself.