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Vote for May’s MIY Maker

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A Review of the Longley Cardigan Pattern

Looking for that perfect in-between-seasons project?  My Longley cardigan pattern might just be for you and Fiona of Diary of a Chainstitcher blog has just made a gorgeous version which she’s blogged about along with a review of the pattern.

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Me Made May Week 1


Are you doing Me Made May? It’s my first year and as I’m mainly posting my daily outfits on Instagram I thought it might be nice to do a weekly summary here, along with any profound musings that have come about as a result….!

So, this is my first 8 days worth of postings and the observant will notice that there are only 6 pictures. I had a stinker of a cold for 2 days and spent them mostly in pyjamas. No-one wants to see pictures of me in my pyjamas.

Here is what those garments are from left to right:


  1. denim blocked Fulwood dress
  2. black jersey maxi skirt from Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking and me-knitted cowl using this pattern (my first ever wearable finished knitted item, big proud achievement for me!), ready-to-wear leather jacket and striped top
  3. me-made leggings, oversized t-shirt dress (sample of a new pattern coming later this year) and one of my many Longley cardigans.


  1. grey marl jersey boxy t-shirt made from the Fulwood dress pattern and super comfy trousers in viscose jersey from Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking (a winningly cosy combo that you’ll no doubt see again)
  2. those leggings again, a sleeveless Wisewood dress in denim effect jersey (I love how such a luxuriously glamorous cowl neck dress can be so comfortable) and another Longley cardi
  3. a naughty peak at a wearable skirt toile from my new book (A Beginner’s Guide to Making Skirts) and another boxy t-shirt from the Fulwood pattern, this time in a lovely heavy woven linen.

I’ve found the process of posting a daily photo of my me-made outfit surprisingly revealing. Having never done anything remotely like this before (I’d far rather be behind the camera than in front of it), it’s been fascinating to take an objective look at what I wear and how I wear it.

What stands out to me after this first week is my enduring fondness for: black, grey, blue, comfort, knitted fabrics, denim and stripes! Where’s the colour and the print Wendy?! I think that’s probably just me and I’m old enough to accept it. I’m certainly not about to start wearing head to foot brightly coloured prints as a reaction!

I’m also thinking that I should wear my hair up more often. There’s so much of it, that sometimes when it’s down I can start looking like Cousin Itt. Trouble is I’m useless with hair. I’ve never been much of a girly-girl, I didn’t spend my teens trying out different hair styles and experimenting with make-up. I need a class! If someone in Brighton ran a “5 ways to Style Long Hair” class I’d be there like a shot…..

I’m starting to feel like I’ve entered some sort of wardrobe self analysis of the kind you might be forced to do by an image consultant. I’m not entirely sure that’s the point of Me-Made May, so I may be thinking too deeply about the process. I’m interested to see what week 2 is going to look like though…..clue – it’s already started with denim!!

MIY Collection Longley Cardi Pattern Reviewed by Very Kerry Berry

MIY Longley Cardi Review by Very Kerry Berry

I’ve known the lovely Kerry Green for a while in the virtual world and she most recently interviewed me for her column in Sewing World magazine. Kerry does a lot of patchwork and quilting, but also makes most of her own clothes and blogs about both at http://verykerryberry.blogspot.co.uk

I asked Kerry if she would be up for reviewing one of my patterns and was thrilled when she agreed (she’s a busy woman and I’m not quite sure how she fits it all in!). Kerry chose the Longley cardi and has written a really detailed review of the pattern in this blog post. She also includes a little tutorial on how to finish the back neck of the cardi with binding. Have a look, it’s such a nice detail.

If you’re inspired to have a go at making your own, the pattern is available in print for £15 and as a PDF download for £9.

If you need a bit of fabric inspiration, Ditto has a great range of excellent quality knits.

The Longley Cardi – Now Available as a PDF Pattern

It’s here! The MIY Collection Longley Cardigan pattern is now available as a PDF  to download and get started tonight.

longley cardi sewing pattern

Here’s a bit of inspiration to whet your appetite; there have been some glowing reviews of the pattern in the last few weeks from bloggers, links in this post.

I particularly love Anne of Compulsive Seamstress‘s final sentence in her review of the pattern:

“So if you’re thinking of a drapey cardi that you can throw on over – or under, anything, this one is great!  Really quick to make, easy to put together and looks pretty darned good to boot!” 

There you go, her words not mine from the woman who having made one for herself and one for her daughter, is currently planning Longley cardi number 3…..

You can get the PDF pattern for just £9 here.

As well as the tiled pattern sized to fit on US letter and A4 paper I’ve included a full size copy shop version (sized to fit on UK and US large format professional printers) for those of you that aren’t fans of scissors and sellotape!!

The Longley Cardigan Sewing Pattern: Recent Blogger Reviews

There have been some great reviews of the Longley cardigan recently. I guess January is cardigan time of year for a lot of the world and what could be better than a cosy, stylish, easy to wear, quick to make cardi?!

Rae Hoekstra, the US designer behind Made by Rae sewing patterns made this gorgeous version:

longley cardi by madebyraePhoto © Rae Hoekstra

….and wrote a glowing review of the pattern! Read it here.

Published on the same day was a review by Anne who blogs as Compulsive Seamstress and has so far made 2 Longley cardigans:

Photos © Compulsive Seamstress

Read Anne’s review of the pattern here.

I love that both these bloggers aren’t stopping at just one cardi, Anne is onto her 3rd and Rae has lots more planned. Surely the sign of a great pattern?!

Inspired? The Longley cardigan pattern is available in print and now as a PDF digital pattern from the MIY Collection shop.