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Practical Patterns – MIY Collection in Sewing World Magazine

Kerry Green (aka Very Kerry Berry), writes an excellent column for Sewing World magazine called The Final Thread which is always a well-written and thoughtful read. Obviously I was very happy when Kerry got in touch to feature MIY Collection in a piece she was writing on what she terms “practical patterns” the name she’s given to the utilitarian inspired patterns out there that are designed for modern living rather than vintage tea parties.

MIY Collection patterns in Sewing World magazine

I’m in great company alongside Merchant & Mills, Marilla Walker and Sew Me Something.

Make yourself a brew and have a read!

Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves! Refashioning for Sewing World Magazine

The 4th in my Refashioning series for Sewing World magazine was rather well timed as summer seems to have finally arrived here in the UK!

refashioning shirt sleevesIt’s the 4th in the series and shows you how to take a plain old long sleeved men’s shirt and give it cute roll back cap sleeves.

It’s on pages 84-86 in the July issue which is out now.

Re-Fashioning Collars in Sewing World Magazine

In the next in my Alterations series for Sewing World magazine is all about collars – removing, swapping and changing.

It’s on pages 78-80 of the June issue.


How to Shorten – 2nd in my Alterations Series for Sewing World Magazine

sewing world alterations series - how to shorten

The 2nd in my Alterations series for Sewing World magazine goes through all the basics of how to shorten garments neatly and accurately!  No shortcuts!!

It also includes tips for how to get over those bulky seams in jeans.

It’s on pages 64-66 of the May issue.

A New Alterations Series for Sewing World Magazine

Last month saw the end of my “Knits Know-How” series in Sewing World magazine, bit sad as most of you probably know this is one of my favourite subjects. But fear not, it means this month sees the start of a new series all about Alterations!

Here’s the first one from the April issue which is out now, it’s all about how to remove sleeves from a garment including which garments will be suitable to do this to and different ways to finish the armholes.

sewing world magazine - how to remove sleeves

I hope you find it both useful and inspiring and if it prompts you to do something to one of your old garments, send me a picture!

How to Use Bias Binding

It’s my last article in the Finishing Touches series for Sewing World magazine this month and it’s all about bias binding – how to make your own and different ways to use it.  It’s the August issue which is out now and is on pages 68-70.

how to make and use bias binding

I won’t be leaving Sewing World for good – I return in the November issue to start a new series!  Nope I’m not telling you what it is for now but both me and Julie the editor are really excited about it…….

How to Make Perfect Patch Pockets in Sewing World Magazine


For Sewing World magazine this month it’s all about making patch pockets.

Thought they were too simple to merit a place in the Finishing Touches category?  Well they are one of the easier pockets to make and attach but there are a few little things you can do to make yours look perfect rather than just ok.

It’s on pages 52-54 of the July issue which is out now.