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I’m officially a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen

This was a nice surprise in the post yesterday.  I wasn’t even expecting a certificate and it’s such a nice one – heavy paper, metallic ink and an embossed logo.

I also didn’t realise that the Society of Designer Craftsmen was such an old organisation and that one of its first presidents was William Morris no less.  I feel in good company.

I feel I should frame it.

The Society of Designer Craftsmen

To put it mildly I was chuffed over the weekend to hear that I had been accepted to the Society of Designer Craftsmen.  This is a UK based organisation which; “promotes and supports the work of creative thinkers, designers and makers who continue to innovate in the crafts through their exploration of materials and skills.

Entry is by peer review of your work, so I feel encouraged by my acceptance and hope it will add credibility to both my reputation as a designer-maker and as a teacher.

Oh and it means I can put letters after my name…….MSDC…..!  Sounds good eh?!

You can find out more about the society here.