More Podcasts and a New Workshop Date

Wendy Ward episode 202 on the Craft Industry Alliance podcast

Autumn is off to a flying start, I’ve been on more podcasts, taught an in-person workshop, scheduled in another as it was so popular and am trying to get my head around starting my PhD by doing huge amounts of reading.


So, podcasts, which ones have I been on and where can you find them?

I was really excited to chat with Abby Glassenberg on the Craft Industry Alliance podcast earlier this month. I’ve followed Abby since my early days of running a craft business and her podcast was one of the first I listened to on a regular basis, so it was a real thrill for me to actually appear on there! We had a really deep dig into my background of low academic expectations and how I ended up running my own business, writing 5 best-selling books and being accepted to do my PhD. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed having the conversation, you can find the episode here.

Next I was really honoured to be on the Threads podcast. This one is packed with tips, advice and conversation about ways to sew more sustainably and why we need to do it. I didn’t actually realise until the day of recording that this one would also be filmed so, should you choose to watch the zoom version of my podcast interview I apologise in advance for not quite dressing the part and looking hot and bothered (it was recorded on a very hot day over the summer). I think you also get to hear my neighbours’ dogs barking in the distance!! All in the name of being atmospheric and keeping it real. You can find the podcast episode here and the 5 sewing questions that I also recorded for Threads here.

New Workshop Date

Scrappy collages

At the end of September I taught my first in-person workshop for 18 months. The class at Grace’s lovely shop Beyond Measure focussed on slow sewing, making hand stitched scrappy collages from my new book How to Sew Sustainably. It was such an enjoyable workshop in inspiring surroundings and sold out really quickly, so we’ve decided to run it again. The next date is Saturday 6th November and you can book your place on the Beyond Measure website here. Have a look at some photos from that first workshop over on my Instagram.

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