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MIY Workshop takes shape

So, here’s the sign, logo, name for my new shop and here’s some of the progress being made over the last few weeks….

Amazing what a lick of paint expertly applied by Nicky (one of my students who also happens to be a decorating demon) can do!

Here’s the front room – now the “Sewing Room” complete with new screens, new lights, freshly painted, new cupboard doors and on site labourer (aka my dad!).

Labourer number 2 looking like he’s sawn off his thumb (luckily he didn’t)…..

….and the fruits of his labours in progress – some lockers in the “Cutting Room”.

And the view from the street.

So, MIY Workshop is on track for being open on Tuesday 10th January.  The first class will be Tuesday evening at 6.30pm.

There’s going to be classes and workshops as before, but more of them.  You will also be able to hire sewing machines and use of the 2.4m long cutting  table by the hour – I have 5 brand new Janome Sewist sewing machines, 2 brand new Bernina 1008 sewing machines and a Babylock embellisher.

You will also be able to become a member of MIY Workshop.

I’m working on a comprehensive timetable and price list as we speak.  Exciting isn’t it?!!

I hope to see some of you working on your creations soon.