Fashion Design for Kids

Do you have a budding fashionista in the family?  Or are you one yourself?!

My first book “My Fashion Label” is out now.  You can buy it direct from me at MIY Workshop or online and it’s also available on Amazon.


It’s aimed at girls roughly 9-14yrs and is an interactive guide to fashion design.  It presents the design process step by step, from first ideas and making mood boards….


….through to how to draw clothes and creating colour palettes……



…..and understanding how clothes end up on the catwalk.


Blank and guided sketchbook pages are included to give you plenty of space to practise your skills and try out your designs on the outline figures provided.


Whether you are a teenager who likes pretty prom dresses and fairy tiaras, or are working in an office but dreaming of designing clothes, this book will show you how to start creating those outfits!

I wrote all the content, developed the structure of the book and suggested what kind of imagery should be included and Robyn Neild did most of the gorgeous illustrations.

The book is paperback and roughly A5 size with 128 full colour pages.

I’ll even sign it for you if you want!  Get yours here.

2 responses to “Fashion Design for Kids

  1. This is a fabulous book and what a great idea! It’s something I would have loved as a kid as I spent many happy hours designing and drawing outfits.


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