MIY March is Back!!

MIY March

Did you take part in MIY March last year?

If so, I hope you’ll be joining myself and Emma again and if not, you need to join in this year! MIY March (aka make-it-yourself March) is bigger and better for 2016, I’ve got 5 amazing sponsors offering some great prizes for each week during March.

MIY March Sponsors

Most of the prizes will be available internationally, but some will only be open to the UK, I’ll make that clear when I post that day’s topic.

Here’s the list of daily topics to whet your appetite and start planning your pictures, get thinking!

MIY March topic list

Here’s how to join in:

  • everyday in March post a sewing themed photo to Instagram inspired by the daily topic from the list above, I will post a topic reminder each morning
  • use the hashtag #miymarch16 in the caption of your picture
  • follow me @thatwendyward and Emma @dressmakerssocial so that you know each day’s theme and can check out our daily top 4 and Prizeday Friday winners
  • everyday myself and Emma will choose our favourite 4 pictures to share and repost with you all
  • on Prizeday Fridays you will also need to follow the sponsor to enter and the sponsor will choose their winner from our favourite 4
  • Prizeday Friday winners will be announced on Monday morning of the following week
  • if your account is set to “private” no-one will be able to see your pics so you won’t be able to join in!

So, what’s not to like? Exercise your little grey cells, meet like-minded people from around the world, win prizes and get inspired!

If you’re not already on Instagram there is lots of help for how to set up your account and how to use Instagram here.

Look forward to meeting you!!

9 responses to “MIY March is Back!!

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  8. I love this idea – is it ok to play along on Twitter and ignore the competition side? I don’t have a camera phone so cannot use instagram.


    • You can Joanne but you won’t be included in any of the daily round-ups or prizedays 😞 if it inspires you to take pics about sewing and post them anywhere though you go for it! ! Wendy


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