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Sewing Basics For Every Body – Giveaway Winners

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Sewing Basics For Every Body Publication day!

sewing basics for every body

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Sewing Basics For Every Body – Signed Copies Available to Pre-Order!

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New Book! Sewing Basics For Every Body

Sewing Basics for Every Body by Wendy Ward

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Secret Sewing News

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Fulwood Patterns & Signed Books Back in Stock!!

books by wendy ward

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Signed Books Available Again!

signed sewing book

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Exciting News

I always used to think I wasn’t any good at keeping secrets, however, it seems I must be as this has been rumbling on since the summer but I can now tell all……

sewing book number 3

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20% Off MIY Collection Until Christmas Eve

MIY Collection

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Beginner’s Guide to Making Skirts – A Journey

skirt project names

I began with these 8 basic skirt shapes for “Beginner’s Guide to Making Skirts” that I designed to suit all levels of sewing ability, shapes and tastes; from an easy pull-on jersey pencil skirt to a full-on girly bubble skirt.

I am a firm believer in making everyday clothing; a wardrobe of core basics that fit you well, that are comfortable, that suit you and that you wear again and again. You don’t need boxes full of different patterns, you just need to find a few good adaptable styles that work for you, that you enjoy making and stick with them.

I hope you enjoy your sewing journey. You can share in a bit of mine with the story behind the names of the projects; they’re named chronologically after places that have been significant during my career so far.

Over the coming 8 days until publication day on the 25th I’ll be writing a blog post for each of the skirts in the order that they appear in the book; where the name came from, a bit of background about the skirt style, what skills you can learn when making the 3 different variations of the skirt along with some styling and fabric ideas.

I hope you’ll join me!