A Refashioned Dress Shirt

the refashioners 2015

I love men’s traditional formal dress shirts those with the bib fronts, I think that bib section is crying out for a bit of textilian magic and have had ideas buzzing around for a long time, so what more perfect excuse than the Refashioners?!

I was so happy when super creative refashioner extraordinaire Portia asked me to take part in her project and this one is up on her blog today.

I used one of the patterns from my book “The Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking” as a starting point, read all about how I did it.

the refashioners 2015 the refashioners 2015

6 responses to “A Refashioned Dress Shirt

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  5. “super creative refashioner extraordinaire”?? Flatterer! That’s made my day Wendy!!!


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